Potpaint now available

Finally ‘Potpaint’ is available on the App Store. Give it a try it is for free!

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Potpaint ready for sale

Apple accepted potpaint for Itunes. So Potpaint will be available in Itunes Store, tomorrow (03/30/2011). First release is only in following stores: Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Netherlands.

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Potpaint is finally getting reviewed by Apple for Itunes. The estimated release date will be 03/30/2011. So get ready to paint collaborative artworks or communicate via paintings.

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Wormy one day for free

We are happy to announce that Wormy is now free available in the App Store.
Use the opportunity to get your copy of Wormy for free today.

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Blize now available

Finally ‘Blize’ is available on the App Store world wide.

Super addictive gameplay ahead!
Blize features very smooth matching puzzle gameplay that brings a lot of competition and fun to your time between.

How To Play

Destroy blocks which have the same color as you.
If you hit blocks with another color, the colors are switched.
Destroy more blocks at once to score higher.

While the manual is very short, there is a lot more to it. Check out the Strategy Guide for more insight.

Blize supports Openfeint. Connect with your friends, show them your highscores or collect all achievements.


  • Addictive Gameplay
  • Colorful Graphics
  • Smooth Animations
  • Excellent Sound
  • Great music by Thom Robson
  • Open Feint integration
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‘Drey’ updates to 1.1 and is free for limited time

As of today ‘Drey 1.1′ is available as update and in the App Store. To celebrate the first update, Drey will be free for a limited time only.

The biggest change is obviously the added AI player where one can up his game. This was requested several times and is now available.

Drey 1.1 Changelog

  • Added the option to play an AI.
  • Minor Bugfixes.
  • Added the possibility to return to the menu.
  • Build for iOS 4.2
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    ‘Drey’ hits the App Store

    As of today ‘Drey’ is available on the App Store world wide. An update adding an ai option is already in the making and will be available later this month.

    Drey takes the traditional TicTacToe experience to a new level.

    In Drey your strategy is only part of the success.
    Time and your powers of recall play a significant role as you can only place three markers.
    As soon as you place the fourth one, the first one disappears.

    Drey gives a new perspective to this old and proven game. Play it with your dearest friend or your beloved enemy to show that your skills are superior.

    This simple but elegant game will help to spend your breaks in a social and intelligent way.

    Drey is optimized for the iPhone 4 retina display.

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    The final steps

    So you had a game idea, managed to get the game core mechanics right and even polished the game so it feels smooth. At this point, most developers think their game is finished and most people dont think further when it comes to designing games. But there are more factors to the success of a game then good gameplay and a smooth graphical presentation.

    We are currently in this phase with our first game, that will be published as a raute2a production, Blize.

    Several questions are being raised now:

    Experiencing the Game:

    • For us, the game mechanic and strategies how to play the game are obvious, but how are new players experiencing the game?
      To answer this, there are only two options. Publish and have your fingers crossed, or the way to go, beta test the game by a unknown audience. One could use a beta testing service like iBetaTest.
    • Whats the best way, to teach players how to play, without boring them to death with a unskippable tutorial? Often enough i uninstalled a game that wasnt clear to me because i did not want to spend the time to learn it by myself.
      Obviously this depends on the game and can’t be answered in general. For our game, we decided to put a menuitem to the menuscreen that points to a simple slideable picture book that contains pictures explaining the gameplay. This method is used by several games on the Apple Appstore and the users are used to it, whitch is a good thing. We hope that this, and a more or less self explanatory gameplay will be enough. In addition the description of the game will contain a simple manual.


    • Whats the best way to penetrate the target market and make money off it?
    • How do i raise the interest of potential buyers?
    • Does a trial version make sense or would it give to much away so nobody would buy the real thing?

    These are questions we are not able to answer now and if you want to believe other articles on the web, currently nobody knows how the Appstore works and how the users react. The only thing that is for sure, is that Apps that have a lot of publicity in the beginning by being featured by Apple or being hyped by the community, will be most likely very successfull and if an App is in the top100, it will stay there for a while due to more exposure.

    But it is to be mentioned that this factors can’t be controlled by the developers. taptaptap published an article concerning this and their experiences in controlling the exposure in the Appstore. According to them, one has a good chance to have a successfull App, if one is having a rocketlike start to get high in the ranks. Most people don’t have the power to make this happen, so for now, our best bet is to make your App and the presentation as best as possible and hope.

    Further reading:

    tap tap tap

    Games from Within


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    Welcome to raute2a

    raute2a is our new company based in Bremen, Germany.
    Currently raute2a is a team of 2 members. Our goal is to create high quality games and applications for iOS and Mac. We expect our first game ‘Blize’ to be released this year, hopefully this month.

    We are still looking for people that want to join us, in particular a graphics artist who is able to draw graphics and illustrations for our games. You can always contact us.

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